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Luxury is always along for the ride.


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Built to go places

Airstreams are built to go places – to withstand the test of time with enduring quality, design and integrity. Since the first Airstreams were riveted together in 1932, we’ve helped our customers explore a world of new experiences in comfort and luxury. This journey can take you anywhere, but there’s only one way to get there – in an Airstream of your own.


Airstream Best-in-Class

Why Airstream over another RV? Because Airstreams are unlike any other RV’s. Our iconic riveted aluminium travel trailers are passed down from generation to generation. Our caravans include only the very best in performance, safety, and comfort. Every single Airstream travel trailer is crafted by hand in Jackson Centre, Ohio, USA. And when you become an Airstream owner, you join a community of people who hold a life well-lived as their top priority. Read more and find your reason to Airstream.


If it doesn’t exist , we create it.

From the very first Airstream travel trailer to now, we’ve always favoured clean, modern design that stands the test of time. “Don’t tell me it can’t be done” was our founder Wally Byam’s trademark phrase. Back when he built the first Airstream with his own hands, everything about its design was a first, from its teardrop shape to the ice box and stove on board.


A community of dreamers

Our greatest innovation isn’t the way our products are designed, the longevity and reliability of our product, or even the engineering insights that offer the trailers’ many advantages. Our greatest innovations is that our company feels like a family.  


We build the right way.

Ours usually isn’t the easiest way, or the fastest way. But it’s always the right way, and that’s what it takes to build a product that’s passed down for generations. Our standards for quality have always been self-imposed, since the days of our founder Wally Byam. He didn’t think it made sense to build products in any way but the absolute best way – and we still agree.


A Community of Explorers